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Americus Open 2017

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Kilominx, Final

1 Katie Hull29.9723.84 United States31.7032.2123.8426.0041.10
2 Jacob Ambrose30.0224.44 United States40.7532.4128.7824.4428.88
3 Raymond Goslow32.7828.26 United States40.3735.8731.7930.6928.26
4 Kyra Joiner44.1934.86 United States50.9350.7734.8642.7739.04
5 Sean Hartman58.9943.48 United States43.481:19.551:04.5258.6953.76
6 Sean Skinner1:05.7059.07 United States1:34.7159.071:10.0259.411:07.67
7 Jared Balassaitis1:10.131:02.06 United States1:10.251:26.651:16.691:02.061:03.44
8 Thomas Bryan1:10.6851.25 United States1:19.701:26.7551.251:17.5654.78
9 Ethan Misteri1:13.811:03.43 United States1:18.861:12.761:09.821:03.431:21.66
10 Chris Hardwick1:17.0955.14 United States1:18.8155.141:10.871:21.601:29.84
11 David Moreno1:42.111:29.47 United States1:37.771:30.022:08.361:29.471:58.55
12 Tucker Narkinsky1:43.591:12.16 United States1:45.711:50.191:12.161:44.981:40.07
13 Lucas Sanchez2:01.721:23.01 United States1:23.01DNF1:24.082:47.041:54.03
14 Micah GraweyDNF1:10.89 United StatesDNF1:51.861:44.851:10.89DNF