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BU Cube Open 2020

The competition is completed and the results are published.

3x3x3 Scrambling, Final

1 Arnav Arora4.673.59 India5.20DNF4.103.594.72
2 Sukant Koul5.534.72 India7.416.194.854.725.56
3 Akash Rupela5.664.72 India5.786.015.425.784.72
4 Sambhav Bhalla5.695.06 India6.665.235.175.06DNF
5 Shivam Bansal6.125.91 India5.995.917.546.066.31
6 Piyush Passi6.365.70 India6.395.707.056.266.42
7 Nilesh Saini7.456.79 India7.507.407.456.798.82
8 Bhavya Kant Vikram7.556.51 India7.418.357.847.396.51
9 Akshat Singh7.907.11 India7.838.028.117.867.11
10 Saarvin Singhal7.916.96 India8.829.177.316.967.61
11 Ansh Arora8.086.61 India8.858.968.416.996.61
12 Saiyam Jain8.506.87 India8.868.328.319.046.87
13 Vihaan Sharma8.646.76 India7.95DNF9.978.016.76
14 Ajay Kumar Puthal8.656.87 India9.618.707.636.87DNF
15 Nikunj Agrawal8.878.53 India9.039.298.818.538.77
16 Yuvraj Agarwal9.567.36 India10.147.369.499.0411.19
17 Vedaant Walia10.049.61 India10.949.619.6610.469.99
18 Komal Gupta10.329.26 India10.9111.0110.0110.049.26
19 Nirvan Jain11.3710.05 India10.0510.7311.9714.8911.41
20 Anika Raizada16.0612.16 India12.1615.1221.4619.7213.34
21 Hemant Latiyan16.9015.36 IndiaDNF18.3216.2016.1715.36
22 Aryan Lala18.4315.18 India21.0115.18DNF18.3615.91
23 Naman JethaniDNF6.81 India9.507.356.81DNFDNF
24 Aumansh SharmaDNF15.38 India16.22DNFDNF15.3817.38
25 Shabad ChawlaDNF16.74 IndiaDNFDNFDNF16.7419.77