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I am the creator and owner of this website.
I do not agree with the political sanctions of the WCA .
I personally decided to freeze the site until their cancellation..
Barby Cube 2019

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Kilominx, Final

1 ClГ©ment Cherblanc23.3718.31 France20.4018.3121.0137.5628.71
2 Nicolas Gertner31.9528.26 France31.5828.2629.2835.0037.49
3 Ilona Ansel32.2326.35 France31.7236.9540.7826.3528.03
4 Diego Fraile41.7635.31 France35.3141.7858.5741.4542.05
5 Samuel Jehanno48.24 France48.2455.30
6 Anael Champion50.91 France53.9050.91
7 Wilfrid Py55.62 France55.6256.03
8 Alexandre Ondet59.72 France59.721:29.20
9 Konstantin Jaehne1:15.97 Germany1:15.971:36.99