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Barby Cube Automne 2017

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Kilominx, Final

1 Clément Cherblanc21.5517.69 France24.7521.6019.2617.6923.80
2 Juliette Sébastien28.9222.93 France22.9330.1432.4428.6128.01
3 Ilona Ansel32.3227.87 France29.7130.0947.9337.1727.87
4 Grégoire Gsell35.1826.35 France39.6426.3533.9836.2735.29
5 Valentin Hoffmann38.1532.89 France32.8940.7935.9041.5137.76
6 Lucas Déglise41.6240.14 France41.2143.8842.0841.5640.14
7 Noé Bourdon48.3941.23 France46.491:13.8957.4041.2341.29
8 Wilfrid Py49.2234.70 France1:08.6749.5250.5934.7047.56
9 Marie Vincent51.0742.96 France47.4852.7952.9355.9642.96
10 Erwan Lesueur51.5338.31 FranceDNF54.6838.311:01.3138.60
11 Yann Kull56.0647.68 Switzerland51.161:11.3959.4457.5947.68
12 Dimitri Wyss1:00.3152.09 France1:38.9654.6152.0958.911:07.41
13 Mayron Blain58.04 France58.04DNF
14 Fabien Verdier1:19.12 France1:52.271:19.12
15 Mano Ségransan1:34.16 France2:39.791:34.16