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CCC Qual Kaliningrad 2019

The competition is completed and the results are published.

2x2x2-4x4x4 Relay, Final

1 Martin Vædele Egdal42.8440.47 Denmark47.3140.4740.73
2 Daniel Vædele Egdal54.1249.00 Denmark58.4054.9749.00
3 Ivan Torgashov55.4949.37 Israel1:00.7356.3649.37
4 Ilya Tsiareshka1:09.801:06.00 Belarus1:17.091:06.001:06.32
5 Timofey Bozhko-Dombrovskii1:30.901:26.66 Russia1:32.371:33.671:26.66
6 Arseniy Yotsyus1:34.411:32.46 Russia1:34.321:36.441:32.46
7 Ekaterina Soboleva1:41.411:31.28 Russia1:31.281:40.721:52.24
8 Lev Oganisian1:45.441:37.01 Russia1:37.011:47.311:51.99
9 Aleksey Sivkov1:59.091:39.63 Russia1:52.232:25.411:39.63
10 Anatoly Turenko1:44.08 Russia1:44.08DNF2:21.51
11 Artemii BoikovDNF RussiaDNF
11 Nikita BrulevichDNF RussiaDNF