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CCC Qualification Kazan 2020

The competition is completed and the results are published.

3x3x3 With Feet, Final

1 Renat Nurgaleev1:01.1046.60 Russia1:20.821:22.0554.6146.6047.87
2 Danila Rogozhnikov1:01.9947.46 Russia1:07.991:01.6156.371:11.0847.46
3 Maria Zhits1:54.461:17.33 Russia1:17.33DNF1:56.942:09.321:37.12
4 Mikhail Glazov2:16.411:43.95 Russia2:21.122:11.631:43.952:17.402:20.21
5 Deni Mintsaev2:24.501:53.11 Russia2:42.97DNF2:02.922:27.601:53.11
6 Anatoly TurenkoDNF2:20.26 RussiaDNF2:20.262:22.16DNFDNF