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I personally decided to freeze the site until their cancellation..
CCC Qualification Tyumen 2019

The competition is completed and the results are published.

2x2x2 One-Handed, Final

1 Grigoriy Barashkin6.452.74 Russia6.225.737.412.7412.82
2 Vladimir Tikhonenko6.783.29 Russia5.417.797.693.297.23
3 Ivan Torgashov7.264.65 Israel13.474.657.405.698.68
4 Andrey Kolevatykh8.463.91 Russia8.847.703.919.438.83
5 Darya Belonogova9.787.15 Russia29.629.3911.227.158.73
6 Danila Rogozhnikov9.793.88 Russia10.1010.8516.743.888.42
7 Lev Aronov9.926.08 RussiaDNF8.8710.0010.906.08
8 Ilia Murmulyak10.215.04 Russia13.089.915.0411.249.47
9 Pavel Eroshkin10.745.33 Russia12.278.5213.095.3311.44
10 Nikolay Kirochkin12.0910.33 Russia13.3610.3312.3717.0010.55
11 Kirill Levchuk12.7610.25 Russia10.2513.7810.6917.5613.81
12 Egor Potapov15.3710.29 Russia24.4316.2510.2911.7718.08
13 Andrey Radaev18.1810.45 Russia17.4720.6720.6116.4710.45
14 Stepan Mikhailov18.979.83 Russia23.369.8310.8732.6922.69
15 Aleksandra Veshkurtseva20.57 Russia36.7220.57
16 Matvey Burkov23.43 Russia26.1723.43
17 Lev Bruskov26.34 Russia26.34DNF
18 Ivan Pugin31.18 Russia32.2431.18
19 Artem Sheptun50.63 Russia50.6354.50