I am Konstantin Solovyov, a citizen of Russia .
I am the creator and owner of this website.
I do not agree with the political sanctions of the WCA .
I personally decided to freeze the site until their cancellation..
CCC Qualification Voronezh 2019

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Ivy Cube, Final

1 Lev Golub3.122.85 Ukraine3.265.062.853.142.97
2 Aleksandra Lukianova3.613.15 Russia3.764.
3 Dmitry Kryuzban3.772.65 Russia2.654.364.085.962.87
4 Elizaveta Ermolkina4.042.26 Russia2.265.934.963.603.56
5 David Arzamastsev4.663.20 Russia3.203.255.336.185.39
6 Timur Imanov4.973.41 Russia3.415.044.975.384.91
7 Alexey Yarygin7.876.36 Russia6.8025.517.489.346.36
8 Timur Kapkin8.686.14 Russia6.149.437.7913.268.83