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Crossroads Cubing 2017

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Kilominx, Final

1 Katie Hull24.0721.01 United States21.0221.0131.2626.2424.94
2 Daniel Wannamaker24.8120.01 United States26.4724.3820.0130.7023.57
3 Jacob Ambrose26.9623.53 United States23.5340.2028.1024.1328.65
4 Jared Stinson28.6723.73 United States32.5523.7332.9425.0128.44
5 Raymond Goslow34.9623.07 United States36.5933.1635.1323.0741.59
6 Zachary Ochs48.0239.91 United States45.4148.7950.8939.9149.87
7 Trevor Kimbell55.3549.83 United States53.4149.8353.4859.171:03.38
8 John Albright56.7951.07 United States1:08.2652.9651.071:01.2356.18
9 Nicholas Baran57.2447.53 United States57.8855.9747.531:09.3757.88
10 Dorian Andrade1:00.8348.55 United States1:27.8853.5848.551:03.521:05.39
11 Nick Thies1:20.401:02.75 United States1:27.651:19.861:26.811:14.531:02.75
12 Edward Kim1:23.1446.20 United States1:40.591:23.9446.201:13.291:32.19
13 Will Holding1:32.931:20.23 United States1:21.491:54.332:15.471:22.971:20.23
14 Geofrey Friedman1:34.591:11.95 United States1:43.371:41.321:38.481:11.951:23.98
15 Caleb Fox1:36.881:27.27 United States1:29.411:27.271:43.212:38.311:38.03