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Cubing In Ranchi 2020

The competition is completed and the results are published.

3x3x3 Scrambling, Final

1 Akash Rupela5.184.40 India4.40DNF5.495.274.78
2 Divyansh Narayan6.896.33 India6.806.938.076.956.33
3 Syed Zain Ali Behzaad7.055.97 India7.187.245.976.737.72
4 Mehul Kujur7.417.10 India10.027.107.517.297.43
5 Dhruv Agarwal7.586.18 India6.188.007.757.247.76
6 Jasbir Singh8.236.13 India8.809.538.247.646.13
7 Varun Dayal9.367.03 India7.0310.579.6010.228.27
8 Pratyush Manas9.877.51 IndiaDNF9.749.747.5110.12
9 Ritika Kishore10.017.56 India7.5610.8510.119.0610.87
10 Mohammad Anas11.079.36 India9.3611.5011.0510.6712.74
11 Utsav Kumar12.649.48 India11.31DNF13.1913.439.48
12 Shubh Shivansh12.979.41 India11.6812.3314.8915.679.41
13 Rudraksh Singh16.2414.80 India16.1216.6714.8015.94DNF
14 Abhipsa HazraDNF8.28 India8.28DNFDNFDNF10.28
15 Alokit Charles ToppoDNF10.13 IndiaDNFDNF10.1310.3811.01
16 Steve Shashwat ToppoDNF10.48 IndiaDNF10.48DNFDNF10.80
17 Mohammad AfaanDNF12.42 IndiaDNF14.71DNF15.9512.42
18 Surbhi KumariDNF14.86 India15.6215.3714.86DNFDNF
19 Kaushik GuptaDNF16.08 India19.28DNF16.08DNF27.04
20 Tanishk UtsavDNF20.18 India20.18DNFDNFDNFDNF
21 Apoorva Dhanesh GhadgeDNFDNF IndiaDNFDNFDNFDNFDNF