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Economics Lyceum Cube 2019

The competition is completed and the results are published.

2x2x2 One-Handed, Final

1 Alimzhan Kenesbek6.684.74 Kazakhstan6.636.3416.867.084.74
2 Zhantuar Zholdasov7.946.11 Kazakhstan6.118.678.157.238.44
3 Damir Zhanataev9.395.77 Kazakhstan27.199.819.965.778.40
4 Alikhan Yertursyn9.726.95 Kazakhstan6.9511.8510.257.0611.89
5 Alisher Isagaliev10.218.51 Kazakhstan28.0610.499.1111.038.51
6 Dias Aibassov10.488.14 Kazakhstan8.1410.8411.9413.608.67
7 Zhanat Kazez11.158.54 Kazakhstan8.8611.7522.308.5412.83
8 Dinnur Aitbayev14.448.27 Kazakhstan17.2311.308.2714.7819.81
9 Shyngys Sharapadin14.499.56 Kazakhstan14.7723.3114.1214.579.56
10 Amir Ryspaev14.558.15 Kazakhstan11.0613.7218.8819.398.15
11 Pavel Raschetov15.549.74 Kazakhstan11.419.7424.7422.5212.69
12 Askar Shakhman15.7414.44 Kazakhstan15.4915.2722.6816.4514.44
13 Aisultan Oser17.9411.68 Kazakhstan20.1121.1518.4611.6815.25
14 Mansur Serikov21.1017.43 Kazakhstan19.0223.5417.4320.7327.50
15 Bekzhan Zhomartuly22.1416.63 Kazakhstan26.0718.7827.5821.5716.63
16 Alisher BekenovDNF KazakhstanDNFDNF