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GA Cubers Big & Blind & Time 2022

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Face-Turning Octahedron, Final

1 Katie Hull23.6821.84 United States22.2822.9426.9425.8121.84
2 Vishwa Sankar25.8324.93 United States27.2224.9324.9528.5025.32
3 Dalton Padgett43.3838.90 United States45.2638.9043.7841.111:07.62
4 Tommy Cherry53.7142.39 United States2:02.9256.7855.9748.3742.39
5 Jacob Ambrose59.5652.75 United States59.691:04.301:12.3652.7554.69
6 Zachary White1:04.0253.21 United States1:31.1859.891:10.3053.211:01.87
7 Zeke Mackay1:09.9046.78 United States46.78DNF57.521:32.7159.48
8 Sean Hartman2:23.681:30.18 United States3:34.202:13.072:37.501:30.182:20.46