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Get Even Mt Eden 2022

The competition is completed and the results are published.

2x2x2 One-Handed, Final

1 Elyas Eyou5.013.90 New Zealand5.394.773.904.8714.00
2 Caleb Hall6.345.76 New Zealand6.595.896.725.766.55
3 Ashley Foster7.164.57 New Zealand4.576.076.009.4112.96
4 Carol Chai8.244.59 New Zealand4.814.5912.0711.078.85
5 Jack Le Noel10.778.33 New Zealand10.708.3314.369.7511.86
6 Vira Huang11.238.90 Taiwan8.9013.3716.6810.949.37
7 Kalvin Lum13.066.95 New Zealand23.4039.307.887.916.95
8 Jack Maddigan13.137.07 New Zealand14.2313.9820.517.0711.17
9 Tom Nelson13.426.96 New Zealand13.8512.6236.226.9613.80
10 Liam Wadek13.485.31 New Zealand9.7921.5712.015.3118.65
11 Yuheng Zhu15.6010.36 China15.6910.3611.1826.9619.93
12 Dylan Heerikhuisen17.4311.50 New Zealand21.2611.5016.5616.0219.72
13 Jaden Heerikhuisen18.7515.14 New Zealand15.1416.3328.6320.3919.54
14 Nate Mochrie20.477.95 New ZealandDNF7.9511.4233.1116.88
15 Benjamin Kernohan25.4513.44 New Zealand13.4430.3633.3321.1724.81
16 Ethan Suppiah30.4819.16 New Zealand32.8331.1136.2719.1627.51
17 Natalie Galbraith49.2032.74 New Zealand1:14.9937.7734.841:46.2032.74