I am Konstantin Solovyov, a citizen of Russia .
I am the creator and owner of this website.
I do not agree with the political sanctions of the WCA .
I personally decided to freeze the site until their cancellation..
HSE Open 2018

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Redi Cube, Final

1 Vladimir Kuznetsov10.519.62 Russia9.629.7612.089.6816.51
2 Aleksandr Beznogov12.8011.81 Russia13.5212.1912.7011.8117.75
3 Konstantin Solovev13.2612.72 Russia12.7212.8613.9916.2012.94
4 Dmitry Kryuzban14.6813.49 Russia15.0120.0913.4915.0313.99
5 Andrey Che19.8914.04 Russia14.0419.7622.1122.0817.84
6 Ksenia Antipova21.1217.64 Russia17.6426.2026.0018.5918.78
7 Artyom Martirosov21.6518.75 Russia21.0322.9420.9825.0718.75
8 Deni Mintsaev22.9417.01 Russia23.6521.2317.0128.2223.93
9 Ivan Zabrodin23.0519.03 Russia28.0923.3919.0323.2022.56
10 Vladislav Kidakov23.2318.34 Russia24.6130.8718.3426.4718.60
11 Pyotr Borovlev23.6022.66 Russia22.9434.7922.6624.9222.93
12 Mikhail Kuzin25.7121.79 Russia21.7924.3026.5226.3230.52
13 Dmitry Khokhrin26.9717.75 Russia32.8123.1917.7534.3824.90
14 Georgy Golosov30.9327.66 Russia29.6033.6029.5834.9627.66
15 Viktoria Simonova31.3529.87 Russia30.4229.8730.9140.5832.72
16 Ivan Shishkin32.7422.94 Russia22.9435.5030.2134.0833.93
17 Lev Maslov33.8425.09 Russia25.0934.2229.9640.9637.33
18 Andrey Solovyov30.54 Russia34.0130.54
19 Mark Shilenkov31.19 Russia31.19DNF
20 Nikita Rusanov35.10 Russia35.1038.13
21 Pavel Belov40.44 Russia40.4440.64
22 Vasiliy Tarasov43.87 Russia43.8747.94
23 Alexey Yarygin45.98 Russia45.9848.04
24 Nadezhda Kidakova48.80 Russia48.8058.97
25 Irina Yarygina1:06.82 Russia1:06.821:14.22