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Ivanovo Cuber Cup 2019

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Ivy Cube, Final

1 Ksenia Antipova3.272.54 Russia5.013.203.303.312.54
2 Anatoly Turenko3.712.51 Russia2.513.455.033.364.31
3 Mikhail Malamant3.841.93 Russia3.171.935.895.083.28
4 Timur Imanov4.333.59 Russia4.373.594.464.176.40
5 Dmitry Kryuzban4.602.05 Russia4.925.253.752.055.12
6 Elizaveta Ermolkina4.662.93 Russia3.724.136.122.937.23
7 Maxim Ilin5.304.20 Russia5.775.848.824.204.30
8 Andrei Maslov5.473.71 Russia3.717.
9 Ilya Nazarov6.432.16 Russia9.702.1616.846.732.86
10 Grigoriy Barashkin7.284.28 Russia5.768.937.1512.164.28
11 Bogdan Zemlianskii7.366.16 Russia6.166.398.279.397.41
12 Ivan Polukarov7.835.25 Russia7.585.259.216.7010.44
13 Esneider Giraldo Restrepo9.475.73 Colombia5.7313.296.648.9412.84
14 Maksim Demchenko9.886.50 Russia7.8812.339.446.5013.48
15 Roman Kozlov11.218.24 Russia20.8011.5010.028.2412.12