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Ivanovo Cuber Cup 2019

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Kilominx, Final

1 Timur Imanov21.2119.82 Russia22.9320.5820.1343.7219.82
2 Ilya Nazarov27.8422.31 Russia28.9329.0325.5531.6522.31
3 Dmitry Kryuzban33.3324.18 Russia31.8124.1834.2937.4433.90
4 Alexander Bashutkin33.8029.25 Russia29.2531.4434.6436.8535.31
5 Ivan Polukarov35.4228.11 Russia32.7549.4736.0937.4328.11
6 Ksenia Antipova35.4632.53 Russia39.2234.6732.5334.7137.00
7 Maxim Ilin36.1231.49 Russia38.3137.4731.4942.3732.59
8 Grigoriy Barashkin44.2433.90 Russia1:04.7949.2539.6233.9043.84
9 Esneider Giraldo Restrepo53.1748.12 Colombia1:20.7949.6048.1259.6350.28
10 Andrei Maslov55.9641.74 Russia41.741:02.6453.091:01.3353.45
11 Mikhail Malamant1:03.3944.49 Russia55.4344.491:06.061:08.68DNF
12 Bogdan Zemlianskii1:02.03 Russia1:02.031:07.44
13 Maria Lebedeva1:21.12 Russia1:59.781:21.12