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Izhevsk Winter Cube 2020

The competition is completed and the results are published.

2x2x2 One-Handed, Final

1 Mikhail Glazov9.215.36 Russia16.875.367.136.9113.59
2 Darya Belonogova9.666.99 Russia9.8011.386.9911.108.08
3 Ayaz Minnegaleev10.326.99 Russia18.1112.766.9910.807.39
4 Vlad Vershinin15.2111.75 Russia13.8411.7515.4416.3516.62
5 Matvey Bannikov15.8611.92 Russia14.0214.4419.1220.3011.92
6 Aleksandra Veshkurtseva16.8012.45 Russia16.1012.4520.9613.3422.62
7 Stepan Filinov18.7212.98 Russia25.3312.9815.5815.2627.82
8 Rostislav Votinsev21.1811.38 Russia11.3816.2724.7726.0822.49
9 Danil Truhin21.8218.11 Russia25.2818.1118.7528.6721.43
10 Dmitriy Truhin23.5611.22 Russia18.2411.2215.00DNF37.45
11 Alexander Katyukov28.9011.38 Russia36.2923.1327.28DNF11.38