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I personally decided to freeze the site until their cancellation..
Kursk Open 2019

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Ivy Cube, Final

1 Anatoly Turenko3.602.48 Russia3.367.333.154.282.48
2 David Arzamastsev4.173.62 Russia4.183.624.513.836.14
3 Dmitry Kryuzban4.383.42 Russia4.325.444.013.424.82
4 Timur Imanov5.064.20 Russia5.455.274.204.476.14
5 Sofiya Bondarenko5.643.93 Ukraine4.896.775.346.693.93
6 Vladislav Solodin6.004.54 Russia4.546.7811.386.604.62
7 Maxim Ilin6.024.60 Russia6.606.314.606.015.75
8 Sergey Chirin6.063.50 Russia12.086.795.893.505.51
9 Elizaveta Ermolkina6.315.06 Russia5.065.629.366.157.16
10 Islam Kitiev6.384.37 Russia5.3812.764.377.016.74
11 Artem Lukin7.055.41 Russia6.617.73DNF5.416.80
12 Mikhail Denisov7.096.13 Russia6.396.138.668.356.53
13 Vladislav Kozhin9.165.44 Russia12.307.6313.475.447.56
14 Alexey Basov9.488.58 Russia9.049.0510.9110.358.58
15 Kirill Nabokov11.309.15 Russia13.479.3111.139.1516.28
16 Vladimir Mikhailyuk12.216.21 Russia10.4119.10DNF7.136.21
16 Vladislav Malashchuk12.216.21 Russia10.4119.10DNF7.136.21
18 Anastasia Muzaleva13.999.27 Russia13.8410.29DNF17.839.27