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I personally decided to freeze the site until their cancellation..
No Stress Solving 2017

The competition is completed and the results are published.

3x3x3 Rescramble, Final

1 Raymond Goslow38.6929.97 United States38.1440.2737.6740.5829.97
2 Christopher Cabrera1:02.1448.59 United States53.80DNF1:01.841:10.7948.59
3 Kyra Joiner1:24.971:00.91 United States1:32.811:00.91DNF1:31.791:10.30
4 Katie Hull1:36.291:21.92 United States2:16.981:39.071:21.921:36.341:33.46
5 Jared Stinson2:00.691:08.69 United States1:26.512:04.24DNF1:08.692:31.33
6 Kieran Dizon2:01.691:27.31 United States2:22.171:54.381:27.312:36.321:48.51
7 Jacob AmbroseDNF43.00 United StatesDNF43.0051.11DNFDNF
8 Rachel PetittDNF1:30.41 United StatesDNF1:44.071:30.41DNF1:32.53
9 Cari Goslow2:01.90 United States2:01.902:34.22
10 David Beugnon2:37.28 United StatesDNF2:37.28
11 NicolГЎs SГЎnchez2:42.01 United States2:42.01DNF
12 James Lanagan3:27.25 United States3:27.25DNF
13 Cody LillyDNF United StatesDNFDNF
13 Edward KimDNF United StatesDNFDNF
13 Kevin MinDNF United StatesDNFDNF
13 Robin McGahaDNF United StatesDNFDNF
13 Sean SkinnerDNF United StatesDNFDNF