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I do not agree with the political sanctions of the WCA .
I personally decided to freeze the site until their cancellation..
No Stress Solving 2017

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Kilominx, First round

1 Jacob Ambrose25.6223.66 United States26.9823.7827.5526.0923.66
2 Katie Hull26.0717.46 United States23.9817.4638.4825.2428.98
3 Jared Stinson29.0726.83 United States26.8328.1831.4429.3429.70
4 Raymond Goslow29.9225.84 United States35.2530.8228.3930.5425.84
5 Kyra Joiner30.7027.78 United States27.8327.78DNF27.8336.43
6 Christopher Cabrera34.6626.82 United States30.2440.3626.8233.3749.58
7 NicolГЎs SГЎnchez38.3025.55 United States25.5542.2049.3132.2740.42
8 Kevin Min45.0737.66 United States50.5037.6639.1645.5552.16
9 Edward Kim51.2434.79 United States53.131:02.0240.0334.791:00.56
10 Sean Skinner57.0647.25 United States49.471:12.92DNF47.2548.79
11 Louis Fragapane1:02.1351.19 United States1:03.401:13.8959.5051.191:03.50
12 Rachel Petitt1:08.3953.08 United States1:24.761:13.1453.081:00.561:11.48
13 Robin McGaha1:16.731:12.40 United States1:12.401:51.671:16.861:18.061:15.27
14 Joseph Hicks1:24.1858.36 United States1:09.651:32.8958.361:30.00DNF
15 Micah Lankford1:29.041:06.55 United States1:36.651:33.401:35.321:06.551:18.41
16 Matthew Goldstein1:31.191:12.17 United States1:24.421:30.751:12.171:38.401:39.24
17 Jacob Hossler1:32.541:18.95 United States1:38.981:31.091:41.141:27.541:18.95
18 Jack Willems2:03.57 United States2:37.612:03.57