I am Konstantin Solovyov, a citizen of Russia .
I am the creator and owner of this website.
I do not agree with the political sanctions of the WCA .
I personally decided to freeze the site until their cancellation..
No Stress Solving 2017

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Kilominx, Final

1 Katie Hull25.2821.49 United States22.7226.1227.0135.9321.49
2 Jacob Ambrose26.2423.33 United States26.3827.7425.7623.3326.59
3 Jared Stinson27.0016.42 United States16.4224.0938.2029.4927.42
4 NicolГЎs SГЎnchez28.5724.29 United States29.5527.5328.6424.2941.49
5 Raymond Goslow30.7225.22 United States30.5825.2237.8326.4435.14
6 Kyra Joiner32.9725.98 United States28.4338.4636.6325.9833.84
7 Christopher Cabrera35.5226.98 United States37.7233.4735.9926.9837.10
8 Kevin Min44.7242.08 United States48.0343.7851.0042.3642.08