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No Stress Solving 2017

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Mirror Blocks, Final

1 Kevin Min31.3028.83 United States29.1437.4632.6532.1028.83
2 Kyra Joiner45.4539.17 United States39.1740.4049.7446.2158.83
3 Katie Hull49.8837.39 United States1:05.6550.0146.1653.4837.39
4 Kieran Dizon50.9739.41 United States39.4147.0956.0955.6750.15
5 Raymond Goslow1:04.1159.20 United States1:17.741:01.921:02.7459.201:07.66
6 Nicky Steingraber1:09.3958.02 United States1:04.6758.0258.991:32.441:24.51
7 Christopher Cabrera1:11.801:07.34 United States1:33.751:07.341:09.971:12.021:13.41
8 Jacob Ambrose1:13.9756.47 United States1:10.621:27.901:23.6856.471:07.62
9 Joseph Hicks1:26.151:03.55 United States1:19.231:31.821:27.401:52.971:03.55
10 Mingye Mark He1:28.241:24.57 United States2:01.631:24.571:25.601:26.921:32.21
11 Jared Stinson1:30.801:19.37 United States1:40.891:19.371:24.531:32.521:35.34
12 Rachel Petitt1:38.101:23.44 United States2:06.151:23.441:26.211:55.991:32.10
13 Owen Dove1:53.711:36.21 United States1:38.33DNF2:01.941:36.212:00.86
14 James Lanagan2:02.601:28.36 United States1:28.362:09.001:40.122:18.682:44.97
15 David BeugnonDNF1:27.13 United States1:48.171:32.17DNF1:27.13DNF
16 Jack Willems2:02.37 United States2:02.37DNF
17 Tim Mehmedbasic2:15.30 United States2:15.30DNF
18 Collin Wankel2:59.37 United States2:59.37DNF
19 Sean Skinner3:52.84 United StatesDNF3:52.84