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Ohio State Expo Open 2022

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Mirror Blocks, Final

1 Braden Richards15.9613.64 United States13.6415.7918.8515.2016.89
2 Eli Parker25.8820.55 United States23.6730.1031.2020.5523.87
3 Walker Welch30.0025.86 United States42.6126.5125.8633.9229.58
4 Carter Kucala45.7128.20 United States55.6949.1043.8328.2044.20
5 Justin Sui45.9839.01 United States45.131:03.4439.0143.7749.04
6 Zeke Mackay52.0339.84 United States1:05.3739.8450.0247.8458.24
7 James Quinn59.4850.06 United States1:17.1950.9550.061:10.8556.63
8 Keenan Darkins1:11.191:00.28 United States1:13.651:41.171:00.281:16.211:03.71
9 Caleb Ashley1:26.951:12.80 United States2:15.151:12.801:16.941:17.201:46.72
10 Mike Hughey1:27.0758.32 United States1:33.871:26.141:21.2158.321:38.77
11 Ellery Dillon1:27.8346.39 United States1:02.811:43.73DNF46.391:36.95