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PDX Cubing for Dougy 2016

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Kilominx, Final

1 Daniel Yang25.2022.17 United States24.5736.0722.1727.4623.57
2 Ethan Davis27.0224.08 United States28.3327.1629.6124.0825.57
3 Daniel Raber28.3121.26 United States36.1832.2721.2626.1026.55
4 Kit Clement33.3423.69 United States36.3023.6930.7338.6732.98
5 Chris Brotzman40.6734.62 United States39.6734.6237.0745.27DNF
6 Paul Sperling45.0542.23 United States42.2343.8247.1449.0144.18
7 Tyler Townsend45.1139.29 United States44.4643.2939.291:21.3247.58
8 Aidan Andrews46.5037.17 United States37.1749.2742.2747.9752.87
9 Benjamin Gottschalk46.9342.71 United States42.7749.2648.7550.5842.71
10 Tyler Halgren47.5542.40 United States46.4647.7642.4048.4255.11
11 Nick Brimhall57.7143.76 United States1:08.6154.771:13.4243.7649.75
12 Barry Loether1:05.1457.92 United States1:05.811:07.3657.921:02.241:14.29
13 Nathan Raber1:05.5639.60 United States1:05.1348.981:39.6639.601:22.58
14 Logan Kahn1:08.8448.18 United States1:12.191:15.4958.831:17.2548.18
15 Levi Raber1:10.2458.57 United States1:22.071:02.711:05.93DNF58.57
16 Matthew Dickman1:17.5753.06 United States1:29.111:25.0858.5353.061:33.18
17 Wenshun Zhou1:24.8958.94 China1:40.281:28.3458.941:40.311:06.04
18 Orion Moore1:27.261:06.53 United States1:49.261:26.481:24.181:31.121:06.53
19 Jack Doyle1:41.321:29.64 United States1:29.641:55.701:39.371:35.891:48.70
20 Brandon Carson2:25.61 United States2:36.962:25.61