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Pittsburgh Fall 2021

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Face-Turning Octahedron, Final

1 Aedan Bryant18.7714.95 United States14.9520.3427.1017.7118.26
2 Ben Streeter28.4827.52 United States28.3227.8631.2929.2627.52
3 Steve Greer39.2231.64 United States48.8138.4431.6439.5439.69
4 Vishwa Sankar40.5825.86 United States31.33DNF25.8634.2156.20
5 Stephen Griggs1:17.9542.41 United States1:42.281:11.6942.411:27.451:14.71
6 Braden Richards1:48.711:08.98 United States2:24.291:20.852:02.192:03.081:08.98
7 Brayden Adams2:03.341:44.16 United States1:49.362:14.892:06.082:14.571:44.16
8 Anthony JiangDNF United StatesDNSDNS