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I personally decided to freeze the site until their cancellation..
SPB Island 2018

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Redi Cube, Final

1 Aleksandr Beznogov8.857.66 Russia8.969.397.668.219.49
2 Vladimir Kuznetsov10.056.50 Russia9.2310.2914.296.5010.63
3 Egor Ermolaev15.2813.18 Russia19.9014.5815.9713.1815.30
4 Roman Ponikarovskiy21.7916.44 Russia20.8322.2625.0716.4422.27
5 Pavel Galaktionov23.3018.31 Russia26.1524.6518.3120.2125.05
6 Mihail Petrochenkov24.3216.10 Russia19.69DNF25.5716.1027.70
7 Yakov Ivanov26.6023.80 Russia26.2128.6734.5123.8024.91
8 Vyacheslav Sizov28.0921.49 Russia26.8329.8321.4927.62DNF
9 Andrey Kurochkin30.9423.54 Russia34.3932.1626.2623.5436.26
10 Nikita Kobik32.4722.33 Russia24.7746.3340.8131.8422.33
11 Maria Zhits34.1029.23 Russia48.2138.0032.2329.2332.08
12 Nikolay Vasilyev34.2317.53 Russia33.5940.7639.6717.5329.44
13 Andrey Kukushkin49.9034.25 Russia1:01.5747.5658.9043.2534.25
14 Timur Kapkin54.8040.06 Russia42.4656.941:09.9240.061:04.99
15 Vladimir Kushnir1:03.2153.55 Russia53.5558.251:16.9554.431:23.36