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I personally decided to freeze the site until their cancellation..
SacCubing X 2021

Extra Events Leaders canceled the results of the competition. For more information, contact the Extra Events Organizer.

Face-Turning Octahedron, Final

1 Dan Pastushkov19.0217.72 United States18.7917.7218.7923.6319.48
2 Ben Streeter26.6823.10 United States25.3433.7623.1028.2726.43
3 Michael Larsen29.2625.39 United States25.3926.8631.9029.0134.42
4 Brandon Harnish36.9631.71 United States34.8634.9431.7143.6841.08
5 Jeremy Benik1:01.4253.61 United States53.6153.791:24.891:04.391:06.09