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Sariki in Moscow 2020

The competition is completed and the results are published.

3x3x3 With Feet, Final

1 Maxim Ilin43.3739.00 Russia39.0043.7739.231:02.8647.11
2 Ilya Nazarov1:07.6959.77 Russia1:19.951:00.3059.771:14.091:08.69
3 Ilya Beylin1:13.011:06.46 Russia1:15.981:13.521:06.461:09.531:33.62
4 Danila Ryabinin1:43.281:33.43 Russia1:35.761:45.351:48.721:57.801:33.43
5 Grigoriy Barashkin2:13.551:36.76 Russia2:38.882:12.352:44.091:36.761:49.43
6 Semen Artyukhov2:23.692:07.14 Russia2:17.512:35.783:44.422:17.772:07.14
7 Anatoly Turenko2:32.331:44.23 Russia2:59.881:48.582:51.181:44.232:57.23
8 Deni Mintsaev2:37.052:00.70 Russia2:42.062:37.152:00.703:39.182:31.95