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SnoCo Goes Back to Square-1 2021

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Face-Turning Octahedron, Final

1 Kit Clement35.1129.97 United States34.9242.8832.6529.9737.75
2 Peter Preston44.5635.63 United States41.2447.24DNF45.2035.63
3 Benjamin Gottschalk58.4847.36 United States1:06.5254.7047.361:02.4758.26
4 Ethan Davis1:08.7456.58 United States56.581:10.061:02.801:13.361:18.09
5 Matthew Dickman3:06.75 United States3:06.753:32.30
6 Noah Comfort3:08.82 United StatesDNF3:08.82