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Speedcubes Fest in SPB 2018

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Ivy Cube, Final

1 Aleksandr Beznogov4.363.16 Russia3.164.094.914.634.36
2 Roman Ponikarovskiy4.392.69 Russia4.502.694.444.244.58
3 Pavel Galaktionov4.623.66 Russia4.744.523.664.615.08
4 Artyom Shevchenko4.713.45 Russia5.544.023.455.534.58
5 Ekaterina Soboleva5.213.80 Russia5.215.8710.683.804.55
6 Mark Shilenkov5.414.41 Russia6.545.234.474.418.59
7 Evgeniy Mazhara6.042.61 Russia2.616.444.377.317.80
8 Bogdan Zemlianskii6.924.42 Russia11.134.425.597.227.95
9 Vyacheslav Sizov7.154.49 Russia8.564.496.827.896.74
10 Vadim Andreev8.182.81 Russia2.818.769.416.3710.47
11 Petr Manokhin10.714.70 Russia8.344.709.96DNF13.82
12 Timur Kapkin12.199.28 Russia9.9612.7914.399.2813.82
13 Mark PetrovDNF3.47 Russia5.454.19DNF3.47DNF
14 Aleksandr Afonichev15.79 Russia15.7918.73