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Speedcubes Fest in SPB 2018

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Redi Cube, Final

1 Aleksandr Beznogov8.568.00 Russia8.159.748.008.798.74
2 Vadim Andreev15.9212.01 Russia13.4017.7112.0127.8116.64
3 Roman Ponikarovskiy16.3013.15 Russia13.1519.2116.8114.9817.12
4 Egor Ermolaev16.729.23 Russia22.3818.669.2319.9211.59
5 Pavel Galaktionov18.4416.95 Russia17.8619.6417.8316.9527.24
6 Mark Shilenkov23.4317.08 Russia24.1817.0826.4024.7221.38
7 Fedor Abaev24.3015.09 Russia24.6024.4823.8315.091:09.48
8 Vyacheslav Sizov26.5616.24 Russia24.5750.0916.2422.1432.96
9 Evgeniy Mazhara29.7225.19 Russia33.6929.4725.1926.8532.83
10 Sergey Dachenkov30.9328.63 Russia29.8032.5630.4335.0928.63
11 Nikita Kobik32.64 Russia40.7232.64
12 Aleksandr Afonichev41.19 Russia1:07.3941.19
13 Timur Kapkin46.87 Russia46.8758.39