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Yakima Valley Cubing Fall 2018

The competition is completed and the results are published.

Kilominx, Final

1 Ethan Davis21.0916.63 United States21.5616.6322.8418.8724.96
2 Luke Tycksen24.7920.50 United States26.3125.6727.6220.5022.39
3 Max Siauw27.9221.19 United States22.7921.1932.1230.7030.28
4 Benjamin Gottschalk33.7227.13 United States40.6329.4341.1331.0927.13
5 Ash Black34.6127.25 United States39.3032.8438.9127.2532.07
6 Mia Sponseller35.5329.74 United States37.5737.5631.4640.5629.74
7 Kit Clement40.9227.24 United States39.2527.2447.7035.81DNF
8 Kate Grahame41.6334.74 United States47.3844.0437.7234.7443.14
9 Nathan Waitt49.9435.65 United States49.2049.1635.6557.8851.47
10 Dylan Barton Bagley52.1434.99 United States46.6846.5234.991:03.231:04.27
11 Jonathan Truchot52.3540.28 United States40.2859.8643.6453.541:01.81
12 Tripp Peters54.4448.34 United States50.871:00.2048.3457.5954.86
13 Timothy Castle1:06.3251.10 United States1:31.1454.4951.10DNF53.32
14 Noah Marsh1:11.071:09.45 United States1:11.021:09.451:28.101:10.241:11.96
15 Matthew Dickman2:03.79 United States2:03.79DNF
16 Ben Mortlock2:50.34 United States2:50.34DNF