Training 8x8x8 Cube

L 2Dw 3Lw' 3Rw 3Bw 2Uw2 3Fw 4Fw2 3Lw2 3Rw 3Uw 2Bw2 2Dw' 2Lw2 4Rw D2 4Uw2 3Uw' 3Dw' 3Bw' R' 3Rw' 2Rw L' 3Fw U2 4Rw 3Uw U' 3Dw2 3Fw2 L2 R U2 2Dw 2Uw' 4Uw 3Lw 2Fw 3Rw R 4Rw 3Bw 2Bw L2 3Rw 4Rw2 F 3Lw' U 2Bw2 3Rw' 2Fw 2Lw' R2 3Fw' 2Fw2 2Rw B2 L2 U' 4Rw2 3Bw2 4Uw 2Dw' 4Rw2 3Dw' 4Rw 2Dw2 3Uw' 3Fw2 U L' 4Fw' 2Dw' U' D 3Rw 3Lw' 4Rw F' 4Rw' U2 R F2 2Fw' 3Bw' 4Fw' 2Bw' D' 2Uw' 2Fw2 2Dw 2Lw' U2 F' 4Rw F 2Lw' D2

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